What is the goal / motivation of the database?

The collection of relevant data to optimize target prioritization and ultimately selection for the LIFE observation (search and characterization phase). Prior to the observation the extraction of target catalogs depending on different scenarios will allow us to make yield estimations to show the viability of the mission. The database is for the main science case … Continued

What will be inside the database?

The database will be a relational one following IVOA guidelines for common standards in astronomy. Relational means that it consists of multiple tables rather than a single one like a catalog. Once it is fully implemented it is planned to be updated on a regular basis rather than having a version which stays constant for … Continued

What is the creation process of a database and where are we currently?

 There are three steps involved in the development of a database: Design (parameters, sources, data structure), implementation (choose implementation software, acquire data, test the database) and evaluation (document, formulate improvements needed, share). After passing through those three steps the process starts anew in an iterative manner to improve on the previous version. Now in 2022 … Continued

Completeness and motivation for distance cut: Don’t we (potentially) lose important targets if we cut at 20pc? And why use a volume limited sample and not a brightness limited one?

 We currently don’t have instrument or technology limitations and including all stars that are possible would be too much. Instead we try to focus on the main science case and what is most promising for it. Adding data to the database afterwards, like increasing the distance or brightness limit is not difficult. So we could … Continued