LIFE at ETH Latsis Symposium “The Origin and Prevalence of Life”

“What is life? Where, when and how did life arise on Earth? What ingredients were likely present and how were they delivered to Earth?  Under what conditions is life possible and is life likely to exist on other planets or celestial bodies?” These and other questions are tackled by a group of world leading experts … Continued

Paper V of the LIFE paper series accepted for publication

In Alei et al. 2022, the fifth paper of the LIFE series (link to arXiv) we explore the potential of LIFE for characterizing emission spectra of Earth at various stages of its evolution. Assuming a distance of 10 pc and a Sun-like host star, we simulated observations obtained with LIFE on eight different scenarios, which … Continued

Successful LIFE spring/summer meeting 2022

On June 8th the LIFE team assembled for its spring/summer 2022 all-hands meeting. The initiative was able to welcome a number of new members and energize the community with exciting news about the successful LIFE paper series or the launch of the new LIFE brand.

LIFE presentations at NCCR PlanetS General Assembly

During the general assembly of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) PlanetS in Grindelwald, Switzerland, LIFE team members Eleonora Alei and Björn Konrad presented their LIFE related research.

Paper I of the LIFE paper series accepted for publication

The first paper in the LIFE paper series was recently accepted for publication in A&A! Quanz et al. 2022 introduce the LIFE initiative and the motivation behind it and perform detection yield estimates for different scenarios and instrument parameters.

Paper II of the LIFE paper series accepted for publication

In Dannert & Ottiger et al. 2022, the LIFE team describes the process of simulating a LIFE observation with the publicly available LIFEsim tool. We present our methods for signal simulation ( and the subsequent extraction of planets, finding that mid-IR nulling interferometry can indeed provide direct measurements of planetary radii, temperatures and astrometry.